Aluminium foil sampler sachets are tested to withstand a pressure of 1.5 tons, in order to cope with the rigours of magazine and mail distribution. The graphic design of a sample sachet can be made to imitate the shape, colours and textures of full size versions.
A scientific study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Food Technology and Packaging demonstrated that a vacuum pack laminate which incorporates a layer of aluminium foil achieves the best performance in stopping the loss of vital aromatic components of coffee.
Virtually all cartons that require long term unrefrigerated protection are packed in laminates containing a layer of aluminium. A 6.5 micron foil layer renders the lightweight pack totally impervious to light, taint and gases.
Pouches are the most recent development in drinks packaging; they are usually made from a multi-layer composite of which infinitely recyclable aluminium foil is the essential barrier layer.